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the story. Choose the correct word for each sentence.

Hanna's Story

Hello, my name is Hanna. I am from Ethiopia. My family came to the United States eight years ago.

My granddaughter is four years old. She likes to read books. She wants me to read to her.

I have trouble reading English. We don’t have many children’s books in Amharic. Sometimes, I tell her stories from my country. I teach her about Ethiopia. I want her to know about Ethiopia.

Sometimes, she makes pictures for the story. Sometimes, my granddaughter reads to me. I’m proud of my granddaughter.

1. Hanna is from .
2. She came to the the United States years ago.
3. It is difficult for Hanna to in English.
4. Hanna likes to tell about Ethiopia.
5. Hanna wants her granddaughter to about Ethiopia.