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hanna_intro1.mp3  It is difficult to raise a family in a new country.

hanna_intro2.mp3  This woman came to the United States with her children and grandchildren.

hanna_intro3.mp3  She takes care of her granddaughter.
hanna_intro4.mp3  They like to read together.

01hellomyname.mp3    Hello, my name is Hanna.

01iamfrom.mp3    I am from Ethiopia.

01myfamilycame.mp3     My family came to the United States eight years ago.

02mygranddaughteris.mp3     My granddaughter is 4 years old.

02shelikes.mp3     She likes to read books.

02shewantsme.mp3     She wants me to read to her.

03ihavetrouble.mp3     I have trouble reading in English.

03wedonthave.mp3     We don’t have many children’s books in Amharic.

04sometimesitell.mp3     Sometimes, I tell her stories from my country.

04iteachher.mp3     I teach her about Ethiopia.

04iwanthertoknow.mp3     I want her to know about Ethiopia.

05sometimesshemakes.mp3     Sometimes, she makes pictures for the story.

06sometimesshereads.mp3     Sometimes, my granddaughter reads to me.

06iamproud.mp3     I'm proud of my granddaughter.


hanna_intro5.mp3  It’s important to spend time with children every day.
hanna_intro6.mp3  Reading together is good.
hanna_intro7.mp3  Telling stories is good.
hanna_intro8.mp3  Making pictures is good.
hanna_intro9.mp3  Talking together is good.
hanna_intro10.mp3  All of these things help children learn and grow.

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