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the story. Choose the correct word for each sentence.

Newaz' Story

Hello, my name is Newaz. We are Kurdish, from Iran. My family and I came to the U.S. three years ago.


We have problems in our country, Iran. Here, we are okay, but there are new problems.


On TV, I see sex, drugs, alcohol, and children not respecting their parents.


My daughter is 14 years old, and my son is 12. My daughter learns English, math, and science in school. Will she also learn that she needs a boyfriend in high school? I worry at home and at work.


In my country, I didn't have a job. Here, I work twice as much. After work, I clean and cook for my family and for guests. My husband can sleep after work.


I am tired, but our family is strong. Family is the most important thing, next to God.

1. Newaz is from .
2. She came to the the United States years ago.
3. Newaz is about her children.
4. She at her job and at home.
5. Newaz is very .