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Read the story. Choose the correct word for each sentence.

Sara's Story

Hello, my name is Sarantuya, but everyone calls me Sara. I am from Mongolia.


My family came to the United States three years ago. I'm 13 years old, and I go to middle school.


Middle school has 6th, 7th and 8th grades. I take seven subjects: English, Math, Social Studies, Science, P.E., Art and Music.


There are many students in my school. Some students are nice to me, but some students are not.


Going to school is hard work. I have to study hard. I have to make new friends.


When I have problems, I go to the school counselor. She helps me with problems at school and problems with friends. I like to talk to her.


My family is very busy. My parents work hard. I want my parents to understand that I work hard, too.


I want my parents to talk to me more.

1. Sara came to the U.S. years ago.
2. Sara is in school.
3. Sarah studies different subjects.
4. Sometimes, she talks to a counselor about her .
5. Sarah wants to talk more with her .