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victor_intro1.mp3  It is difficult to come to a new country alone.
victor_intro2.mp3  This young man came to the United States with no family.
victor_intro3.mp3  He had problems, but now, he is thinking about his future.

01hellomynameis.mp3     Hello, my name is Victor.

02imfromguatemala.mp3     I’m from Guatemala.

03icametotheus.mp3     I came to the U.S. five years ago.

04iwasalone.mp3     I was alone and I didn’t have a job.

05iwassad.mp3     I was sad, because my family and friends were in Guatemala.

06itwasdifficult.mp3     It was difficult to telephone my family because I didn’t have any money.

04nowiam24.mp3     Now, I am 24 years old.

04iamhappy.mp3     I am happy because I have a good job and I go to English class.

05iworkmonday.mp3     I work Monday to Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m..

05iworkconstruction.mp3     I work in construction.

06mycousinlives.mp3     My cousin lives with me in our small apartment.

06hecleans.mp3     He cleans the apartment and he buys the food.

07ipaythebills.mp3     I pay the bills and cook our food.

08everymonth.mp3     Every month, I send money to my family in Guatemala.

08sometimes.mp3     Sometimes, I go to the movies, eat in restaurants, or play soccer.

09inthefuture.mp3     In the future, I want to open a bank account and buy a house.

10iwanttocontinue.mp3     I want to continue my education and speak good English.

10whenihaveagood.mp3     When I have a good job, I want to get married and have children.


victor_intro4.mp3  Life in the United States is not easy at first.
victor_intro5.mp3  Maybe your family and friends are not with you, or maybe you don’t have a good job.
victor_intro6.mp3  Maybe English is difficult for you.
victor_intro7.mp3  Sometimes it is necessary to study and practice English for many years.
victor_intro8.mp3  Don’t give up!
victor_intro9.mp3  Continue practicing and learning English.

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