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the story. Choose the correct word for each sentence.

Gaspa's Story

My name is Gaspa. I am from Togo. In Togo, I worked on a farm. Now I live in Arlington, VA. I work in construction.

I like my job, but it is dangerous. Last week, I cut my hand. The cut was very bad. My boss took me to the hospital. I can’t work like before.

I need to work. My family needs money. I talked with my boss about my accident. I asked my boss, “What can I do? I cut myself at work, not at home.”

My boss gave me a form for workers’ compensation. I will get paid. I will go to a physical therapist every week. My work will pay my medical bills, too.

Next month, my hand will be OK. I will work again.

1. Gaspa worked on a in Togo.
2. Gaspa is a .
3. He his hand at work.
4. Gaspa will get .
5. Gaspa will go to a .