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the story. Choose the correct word for each sentence.

Marta's Story

My name is Marta. I was a nurse in El Salvador. I worked in a hospital. Now, I am a babysitter. Everyday, I take care of Elizabeth. She is three years old. This is Elizabeth, her sister Melissa, and her mother.


Today Elizabeth’s mother wrote me a note about Elizabeth. I didn’t understand all of the words. Then, Elizabeth woke up. She wanted to eat. I cooked breakfast for her. She ate. She started to cry. The food made her sick. Her skin was red. Her eyes were swollen. I looked in the medicine cabinet, but I can not read the medicine bottles.


Then, Elizabeth’s mother and Melissa came home. Elizabeth’s mother gave her some medicine for her food allergy. Elizabeth felt better.


I know about medicine in El Salvador, but I want to be a nurse in the United States. I will take a first aid class in English. The first aid class will help me understand health and medicine in the United States.

1. Marta is a .
2. Marta was a in El Salvador.
3. Marta could not read the .
4. Elizabeth's eyes were .
5. Marta wants to take a class in English.