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intro_read.mp3 Many immigrants have a lot of work experience in their home countries. Sometimes, it is not easy to have the same work in the United States. Sometimes, it is necessary to study more English to have the same job in the United States.

01hellomyname.mp3    My name is Marta.

01iamfrom.mp3    I was a nurse in El Salvador.

01myfamilycame.mp3     I worked in a hospital.

01myfamilycame.mp3     Now, I am a babysitter.

02mygranddaughteris.mp3     Everyday, I take care of Elizabeth. She is three years old.

02shelikes.mp3     This is Elizabeth, her sister Melissa, and her mother.

03ihavetrouble.mp3     Today Elizabeth's mother wrote me a note about Elizabeth.

03wedonthave.mp3     I didn't understand all of the words.

04sometimesitell.mp3     Then, Elizabeth woke up. She wanted to eat.

04iteachher.mp3     I cooked breakfast for her. She ate.

04iwanthertoknow.mp3     She started to cry. The food made her sick.

05sometimesshemakes.mp3     Her skin was red. Her eyes were swollen.

05sometimesshemakes.mp3     I looked in the medicine cabinet but I can not read the medicine bottles.

06sometimesshereads.mp3     Then, Elizabeth's mother and Melissa came home.

05sometimesshemakes.mp3     Elizabeth's mother gave her some medicine for her food allergy.

06iamproud.mp3     Elizabeth felt better.

06sometimesshereads.mp3     I know about medicine in El Salvador. I want to be a nurse in the United States.

05sometimesshemakes.mp3     I will take a first aid class in English.

06iamproud.mp3     The first aid class will help me understand health and medicine in the United States.

outro_read.mp3 Marta wants to be a nurse in the United States. She needs to read and write in English. She needs to know the medicines in the United States. She will study more English to understand medicine.