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Read the story. Choose the correct word for each sentence.

Samantha's Story

Hello. My name is Samantha. I'm from Peru. In my country, I studied business at the university. I worked in small office. I left my country a year ago to come to the U.S. with my family. Now, I am a custodian at an English school for adults.

At the school, someone spilled water on the floor. I put out a "wet floor" sign. I started to clean the floor in the school. A student walked in the water. The student slipped.

I helped the student get up. I asked the student, "Are you okay?" The student was angry. The student wanted to tell my boss.

I wrote a report about the accident. The student checked the report and signed it. Then, the student was not angry.

The next day, my boss said, "You did a good job yesterday." My boss gave me a raise.

1. Samantha is a at an adult school.
2. A student on the wet floor.
3. The student was .
4. Samantha wrote a of the accident.
5. The boss gave Samantha a .