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intro_read.mp3 Sometimes at work, accidents happen and people can get hurt. Many workplaces have rules about reporting accidents. It is important to know the rules.

01hellomyname.mp3    Hello, my name is Samantha. I am from Peru.

01iamfrom.mp3    In my country, I studied business at the university.

01myfamilycame.mp3     I worked in a small office.

02mygranddaughteris.mp3     I left my country a year ago to come to the U.S. with my family.

02shelikes.mp3     Now, I am a custodian at an English school for adults.

03ihavetrouble.mp3     At the school, someone spilled water on the floor.

03wedonthave.mp3     I put out a "wet floor" sign.

04sometimesitell.mp3     I started to clean the floor.

04iteachher.mp3     A student walked in the water.

04iwanthertoknow.mp3     The student slipped.

05sometimesshemakes.mp3     I helped the student get up.

05sometimesshemakes.mp3     I asked the student, "Are you OK?"

06sometimesshereads.mp3     The student was angry.

06iamproud.mp3     The student wanted to tell my boss.

06sometimesshereads.mp3     I wrote a report about the accident.

16_checkedreportsignedit.mp3     The student checked the report and signed it.

06iamproud.mp3     Then, the student was not angry.

06sometimesshereads.mp3     The next day, my boss said, "You did a good job yesterday."

06iamproud.mp3     My boss gave me a raise.

outro_read.mp3 Samantha followed the rules. She put a sign on the floor. She reported the accident. She did a good job.