Starting the new job

The W-4 Form (withholding of federal taxes)
Read and listen to information about the W-4 Form and do activities
See the W-4 form and an IRS Fact Sheet on payroll and income taxes
(in the pop-up window click "Open this file with Adobe Reader" and "OK")
Sample resumes for construction and other trades jobs
Creating a resume
Sample chronological resumes
Sample functional resumes
Resume basics
Writing a cover letter
Do cover letters really matter?
Killer Cover Letters
Hot Tips on Resume Writing
Guide to Thank You Letters
Thanking the interviewer
Guide to Follow Up Letters
Team players

(English lesson
with audio and
(What to do after you find a job )
Guest worker program

(English lesson with a video
about Mexican farm
How to write a cover letter
(with audio and a listening exercise)
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Main Links page
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students. The vocabulary at some of the
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Tips from on how to dress for an interview
Common interview questions to prepare for
More advice for non-native speakers of English
Advice for English students on language to use in an interview
Good and bad answers to interview questions
Keeping the job
Vocabulary for resumes and interviews
Things to do before and during an interview
Short sample thank you letter