Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab: Select EASY General Listening Quizzes
High Intermediate and Advanced
The Learning Edge: Read and/or listen to this life skills newspaper and do activities.
Interlink Language Centers:  Listen to 10 common social questions and select the correct
California Distance Learning Project:  Listen to stories about topics you select (some with
video) and do activities for adult English learners.
ELLLO, High Beginners:  Listen to 20 short conversations and do exercises.
ELLLO: You can select many different types of listening activities.
Main ESL
Links page
ELLLO, Low Intermediate:  Listen to longer conversations and answer questions.  Scroll
down to see a transcript.
AOL Music Archives: Watch hundreds of videos; listen to thousands of songs.
ELLLO News Center:  Listen to short "newscasts" and answer questions.
Sites Recommended
for Listening Practice
Voice of America Special English:  Listen to and read current news stories and reports
about health, science, American life, and more.
Breaking News English:  Listen to news stories in British English and do exercises.
ELLLO Listening Games:  Do fun listening exercises.
Songs on ELLO:  Listen to songs.  You will see the words on the screen when you hear
Words and Their Stories:  Learn about English idioms from Voice of America.  Listen for the difference between two similar words.
BBC Learn English:  Do English lessons based on world news.
Romantic Love Songs Lyrics:  Read the lyrics (the words) of many popular love songs.
English Trailers:  Watch movie ads and do a variety of activities for English learners.  
BBC VideoNation:  Watch short videos on interesting topics.
Crossroads Cafe, Episode 13:  Watch a long, amusing video for adult English learners.
(Get more episodes at your library.)
ELLLO Levels Page:  You can select listening exercises according to their  level.
Listening and Pronunciation Practice
for All Levels (minimal pairs)
Arlington Rap video on YouTube:  Enjoy this funny video.
Beginners +
REEP World:  Listen to four family stories, then read them and learn vocabulary.
Multi-Cultural Education Services: Listen to English students
easy questions.  Then select from a written list the
answer you heard .
REEP World:  Listen to four immigrant's stories about problems at work, then read
them and learn vocabulary.